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  • EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. - NCSR Demokritos- Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply chain, Transport and Logistics NSRF / ΕΣΠΑ (ΕΠΑΝ ΙΙ)
  • AI4EU - A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem

    AI4EU will efficiently build a comprehensive European AI-on-demand platform to lower barriers to innovation, to boost technology transfer and catalyse the growth of start-ups and SMEs in all sectors through Open calls and other actions. The platform will act as a broker, developer and one-stop shop providing and showcasing services, expertise, algorithms, software frameworks, development tools, components, modules, data, computing resources, prototyping functions and access to funding. Training will

  • IS-ENES3 - Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 3

    IS-ENES3 will deliver the third phase of the distributed e-infrastructure of the European Network for Earth System Modelling (ENES). IS-ENES3 will stimulate collaboration, disseminate software and data, and further integrate the European climate science community. It will be delivered by partners combining expertise in climate modelling, computational science, data management, climate impacts and climate services, with proven ability to increase the influence of European science internationally.

  • INFORE - Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting

    At an increasing rate, industrial and scientific institutions need to deal with massive data flows streaming in from a multitude of sources.

  • ExtremeEarth - From Copernicus Big Data to Extreme Earth Analytics.

    Copernicus is the European program for monitoring the Earth. The geospatial data produced by the Sentinel satellites puts Copernicus at the forefront of the Big Data paradigm, giving rise to all the relevant challenges: volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value. ExtremeEarth concentrates on developing the technologies that will make Europe a pioneer in the area of Extreme Earth Analytics i.e., the Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence techniques that are needed for extracting information and knowledge out of the petabytes of Copernicus data.

  • DataStories - DataStories

    Data plays a critical role in the validation of facts and finding new stories - provided that data can be easily analysed and understood. Getting the “gist” of a data source and quickly finding out what questions can be answered, is still a challenge. DataStories seeks to provide a solution that will equip journalists with skills required for data journalism, enabling them to analyse flows of data and bring sense and structure to it.

    Google DNI
  • CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS - Promoting Coding and STEM Skills Through Robotics: Supporting Primary Schools to Develop Inclusive Digital Strategies for All

    Programming and computational thinking skills are becoming ever more important in our society and working life. Today, a growing number of countries in Europe and internationally are refocusing their ICT curricula on developing students’ computer programming and coding skills, and introducing the topic in national, regional or school curricula.

  • MeLDE - Media Literacy in the Digitalised Era: Supporting Teachers Through a Whole-School Approach

    Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. Media-literate citizens are better able to understand the complex messages we receive from television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, video games, music, and all other forms of media. Media literacy empowers citizens with knowledge, skills and attitude to critically access information and media, to critically analyze information and media content and to engage with media and other information providers for social, civic and creative purposes.

  • Hellenic Network for Precision Medicine - Hellenic Network for Precision Medicine, Subproject 5: «Infrastructures, Tools, and Systems for Organization, Processing, and Analysis of Biomedical Data

    This subproject will develop the overall infrastructure, the platform, and the tools for collection, management and analysis of biomedical data that will support the scale up of the number of diagnostic analysis that can be provided for medical applications as well as for pilot studies and demonstration efforts related to precision medicine research.

  • CULDILE - CULtural DImensions of deep LEarning

    This project will develop an integrated expert system for capturing documents, enhancing images and understanding cultural documents. The capturing of an image as it is produced by a low cost scanner as well as pre-processing it, is the first stage of document processing aimed at improving scanned image quality and creating an excellent digital copy.

    GSRT/Ministry of Development

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