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The institute organizes a number of research-oriented summer schools and workshops.

The International Research-centered Summer School (IRSS)

The most important of these is the International Research-centered Summer School (IRSS). This summer school has an innovative format as it is focused on research, whereby the students form small groups and work on an actual research project for a month; this not only teaches them valuable research skills and fosters future collaborations and networking, but also has produced a number of research papers which were published in leading international conferences and journals. In addition, the projects of the school cover a number of research topics which are of joint interest to both us and the collaborating universities. There were also a number of lectures given by our collaborators on various cutting edge topics of research, to broaden the students’ knowledge in a variety of topics.

For more information visit the IRSS website

Summer Workshops in Robotics and Digital Arts

The Integrated Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, NCSR "Demokritos", in collaboration with the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning (Arsakeia - Tositseia Schools), host a Summer Workshop in the field of Information Technology. The workshop will take place in two individual weekly sections at the premises of Arsakeia Schools in Psychico. The first section will target Robotics while the second Digital Arts and Projection Mapping techniques.

For more information visit the SmartCamp website

The Study Abroad program for students from UTA

Furthermore, the institute, as part of our collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington, has hosted the Study Abroad program for its students: a number of them have visited our institute and the Archipelagos NGO; in our facilities they were instructed on many topics and then they conducted their research at the Archipelagos facilities. What’s more, the institute regularly holds workshops instructing our students in topics such as how to conduct research, find the relevant literature, writing papers and preparing presentations. Top researchers and professors are also regularly invited to give lecture talks to our students and staff. Regarding our plans for the next five years, all these activities will continue and be extended building upon our current experience. In particular, IRSS will be organized every coming year and is scheduled to be one of the main avenues of collaboration: we are actively engaging all our partners from the universities that we collaborate with both abroad and in Greece to co-supervise research projects in the school, and furthermore, the school will continue to serve as an avenue for attracting promising young students and foster new collaborations.

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