Overview of educational activities

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The main theme behind all the educational activities of IIT is to take advantage of the internationally excellent research being conducted in it and the expertise of its existing personnel in order to attract and train new students and researchers, promote research collaborations with Greek and international universities and research institutions, which will also lead to extra sources of funding; this enables the Institute to become a center of research excellence and improve its research output, creating a virtuous circle.

In addition to supporting a number of PhD students, mainly through project funding, IIT has also established joint PhD research programs in collaboration with the

Cooperation agreements with the University of Maryland, and George Mason University, USA have also been signed. A new joint PhD program is being prepared with the Department of Computer Science, at the University of Texas at Dallas (http://cs.utdallas.edu/).

Furthermore, IIT hosts a number of students from Greek universities who complete their PhD, MSc and BSc theses in its facilities and in collaboration with its researchers.

IIT also participates in post graduate programs with Greek Universities. Currently, it participates in the post graduate program of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, entitled “Applications of Informatics in Bio-medicine”. In addition, several IIT researchers are participating as lecturers in post graduate courses in collaboration with Greek Academic Institutions and involved in the supervision of a large number of MSc and BSc diploma theses. All of these are performed in the Institute premises in cooperation with IIT researchers and faculty members from Greek or foreign Universities. It must be noted that several researchers, who completed their PhD or post-doctoral research in IIT, are currently employed by Greek or foreign academic and research institutions, and companies.

The Institute has also organized a number of research oriented summer schools, workshops and seminars. The most important of these is the International Research-centered Summer School (IRSS). This summer school is characterised by an innovative format as it is focused on research, whereby the students form small groups and work on an actual research project for a whole month. IRSS does not only look for teaching them valuable research skills and foster future collaborations and networking, but also to produce a number of working research papers to be published later in leading international conferences and journals. In addition, the projects of the school cover a number of research topics which are of joint interest to both us and collaborating universities.

Furthermore, the institute, as part of our collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington, has hosted the Study Abroad program for its students in collaboration with the University of Aegean at Samos and the Archipelagos NGO.

Finally, the institute regularly holds workshops instructing our students in topics such as how to conduct research, find the relevant literature, writing papers and preparing presentations. Top researchers and professors are also regularly invited to give lecture talks to our students and staff.

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