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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) conducts research in the areas of telecommunications, networking, technologies for the World Wide Web (Web) and Intelligent Information Systems, aiming at excellence in these areas, for the benefit of the society and the development of the knowledge economy.
The Institute pursues both long-term basic research as well as applied research by implementing well defined R&D projects. At the same time it plays an active role in training new research personnel providing scholarships at graduate and post-doctoral level and their employment in research projects. Particular emphasis is given to the exploitation of research results and its dissemination to the public.

The activities and know-how of IIT are focused mainly in the following areas:

Telecommunications & Networking

  • Technologies for modern telecommunications networks, including aspects relevant to Future internet, Internet of Things and Green Networks
  • Performance evaluation, resource management and QoS aspects
  • Networks for the distribution of multimedia content and QoE considerations
  • Management of heterogeneous networks, efficient spectrum usage, mobility and handover management
  • Wireless links, propagation models, smart antennas and body-antenna interactions
  • Location-based systems and services

Intelligent Information Systems

  • Knowledge extraction, fusion and management from multiple modalities (text, sound, image and video)
  • Document recognition
  • Social network and social Web analysis
  • Event recognition in multiple data streams
  • Cognitive systems for natural and personalized human-machine interaction
  • Applications of intelligent information systems to bioinformatics, health, culture, energy management, e-government, safe use of the internet

To succeed in its mission the Institute collaborates internationally with industry, commercial companies, as well as Research Institutes and Universities. It participates in international standardization efforts and disseminates its research results through publications in international scientific journals and conferences, as well as takes part in workshops, public initiatives and popular activities. It also coordinates or participates in numerous collaborative research projects and exploits its research results by filing patents and forming spin-off companies or pursuing cooperation with technological companies.

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