Exploitation of Research

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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications follows a long term strategy for exploiting the research results. So, research results have been exploited towards advanced services to Telecommunication Companies, establishment of a spin-off company, providing high popularity open source software and offering a high-visibility platform, supporting standard specifications for Internet filters to protect minors from unsolicited web-pages. In general, the policy is towards increasing the budget coming from the market and at the same time making part of our technology more visible to the world. Just, to mention some of the resulted exploitation initiatives, please consider:

  • Founding the spin-off i-sieve technologies Ltd (http://www.i-sieve.com/), which specializes on content filtering technology and services for the Internet.
  • Vodafone Greece and the institute have come into an agreement towards studying B3G-related topics of interest to the Mobile Operator. A five-year contract has been signed between the two entities.
  • Transfer of technology and know-how on the wireless networks to SILK ROUTE S.A. and BARTHA WIRELESS NETWORKING E.E. companies and implementation of a wide area wireless network in the area of Attiki.
  • Distribution of the content filtering platform ICRAPlus, resulted from the SIFT project, by the Internet Content Rating Association, free of charge as executable.
  • A Terestrial Digital TV test-bed platform, that covers the region of Iraklion in Crete, has been established in order to investigate the problems of QoS and IP services.
  • Offer the Ellogon platform as LGPL S/W, since January 2004 (http://www.ellogon.org/) (more than 7000 downloads during 2004).

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