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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) focuses on research and development in the areas of Telecommunications, Networks, Web Technologies and Intelligent Systems. The main strategic objective of IIT is to excel in research and innovation required for the development of the knowledge society.

The target of its current research plan is to tackle the challenges that arise due to the massive volume of multimedia information, the need for ubiquitous and transparent network access anywhere and anytime, and the demand for personalized services through intelligent information processing.

Current areas of focus include:

  • The development of future network technologies, including heterogeneous next generation wireless networks, that will allow ubiquitous access and increased capacity, performance, security and transparency.
  • A guaranteed and more secure end-to-end quality of experience for the transfer of multimedia data through the current and future available networks.
  • Smart antennas, reconfigurable radio systems and cross-layer optimization.
  • Location and location based systems for the provisioning of services to security, emergency, ambient assistance and identification.

  • Semantic analysis and management of multimedia information appearing in the Web and other multimodal sources.
  • User friendly and intelligent interfaces of systems and handsets based on semantically indexed information.

IIT participates actively in national, European and international research and technology projects in cooperation with industry, universities and other research organizations. The institute is involved in the education and training of new research personnel, through national and international programs, by providing scholarships and organizing seminars, workshops and conferences.

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